Wicker Baskets
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Wicker shelves pullout baskets 

for 15" and 18" base cabinets

Rattan Wicker Basket storage 4WB-15I Add a European look to your kitchen with Rev-A-Shelf's Rattan Baskets with birch frames. Perfect for storing fruits and vegetables, the 4WB series is designed to fit 15 and 18 inch base cabinets. Includes one rattan basket, clear polymer liner and two 2" thick rails that can be cut down to fit your cabinet exactly. Retail price for the 15" is $87, the 18" retails at $92.35
Wicker basket
Qty: Price: $51.73
Please select Size:
11 1/4 inch tray for 15 inch cabinets $51.73
14 1/4 inch for 18 inch base cabinets $53.79


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