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Customer Testimonial page

Every comment here is an actual comment from a customer.

shelves delivered in great time and installed  -- Nice product could not ask for better

One thing thou what is the little plastic v bracket for ?


Answer: Those are door protectors, they mount to the side of the shelf to help prevent scratching your doors if they are not  opened fully before pulling out the shelf

Received items today.  Thank you for the prompt service.  It is satisfying to know there is still 'customer service' these days.


Just an FYI regarding my order of February 15, 2013. I have installed the shelves and they are absolutely the finest craftsmanship. Installed with the least amount of frustration involved. My wife is very happy. She waited 19 years. Now on to bigger and better things. Thank you for the quality.
Larry Walker



 I just installed  my sliding shelves and they are worth every penny plus!  I can finally use my storage space efficiently and the installation was so simple.  Great product!!

 J.R. Biggs

I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with your products.  I ordered three units and received them today, on time as you promised.  All three were exactly the right dimensions, also as promised and so easy to install.  I was completely finished wit the installation in less than one hour including the time to get the tools and put them away. All three work as promised.  It is a marvel in this day and age and I am deeply satisfied.  Thank You, for a job well done.  I'll let others know about my experience with your company.
Jim Rumsey

The brackets arrived and we have installed the sliding shelf in our motor home Ė itís working great and the size was perfect. Thank you so much for adjusting the price and the shipping on the brackets. Itís a pleasure doing business with your company!

Dawn Murray

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to write to tell you that I received both of the sliding shelves and I love them!  They were very easy to install and they fit (and work!) perfectly!!

Thank you so much for ALL OF THE TIME that you put into helping me with this project ó I TRULY appreciate it.

Thanks again,



These pull-out shelves arrived and I've already installed them. They install very easily, are well made and while we do lose a little space on each side of our pantry, that will be more than made up by having complete access all the way back on the pantry  unit.  I'm very happy with these.

Carl Foster

    I just want you to know my order arrived safely.  My carpenter has everything installed and we loaded up the shelves and put it all to work on Sunday.  Everything works great:  the Lazy Susans, the beautiful pull out shelves and the racks - what an upgrade to our kitchen!  I will take pictures, in case you'd be interested or could use them?   Thanks so much for a great product and excellent service. 
Susan O'Connor

I received my five premier pull out sliding shelves last week.  All were very nicely wrapped and protected, and arrived in perfect condition. Workmanship and quality were excellent and all necessary mounting hardware included. Installation was breeze and they work perfectly. My wife is thrilled with her pantry shelves and not having to stand on a chair to reach items in the back. I would recommend your products to anyone.

 Tim Deger

I have received the 8 pull out drawers ordered but the order came missing the door protectors that had been shipped on previous orders. Please forward so that I can complete the installation.

Thank you for the quality of materials and workmanship on this fine product. I have a complete kitchen organized thanks to you.  Bob

Just a note to describe a summary of GREAT customer service, quality and customer satisfaction. I ordered a custom size shelf for over my refrigerator before Thanksgiving. Shelf came promptly as advertised about 10 business days well made and in great shape. The sliding hardware was 3 inches too long, wrong bin pick I suppose. I called and you guys sent a new set of drawer hardware same day, no questions asked. Got them yesterday and already installed. Shelf works and looks great. Shipping, packaging and service for both shipments was was the best I have ever seen; A++++.   You have a great team and I will use you again soon. Merry Christmas and my thanx to the entire team. A very happy and satisfied customer, Peter


Dear Kitchen Shelves,
Just a note to say how extremely satisfied I am with my recent order. The materials and workmanship are excellent and installation could not have been easier.
Carl D. Bogart

Just wanted to pass this along. I received the shelves and installed them.  Nice shelves.  Well Done.  Perfect fit.  Must give credit where credit is due.
Thank You

Thank you for your prompt mailing of the 2 door protectors for my sliding shelves.  I am so happy with my new pantry roll out shelves.  They were easy to install and make such a big difference.   

A happy customer, Jan

I installed the shelves over the weekend and I want to be sure to let you know that I am very please with the quality and service that you provide.  Thank you.
From the "as promised" on time delivery, to the excellent packaging, to the 100% correctness, to the actual quality of the shelving, everything was right.
The only negative was the quality of my cabinets....  I needed to do a lot more fitting to square things up, and do a proper installation.  To do it properly, I fabricated all new walls and spacers to fit and the result is a job that has made my wife quite happy.  It really looks and functions well. 
Thanks again,

Great product - The 15 or so shelves I installed in the kitchen in 2004 still look & work great. Thanks dbd


 I just wanted to tell you that we are thrilled with your product and the shelves have been a great addition to our kitchen. Believe it or not, I just got around to installing them this weekend even though they were shipped at the beginning of the year.  


Bill Rush

I installed the shelves last night! My wife and I like them. I will order three more sets, now that we know how well they work and that I can do the installation! Thanks, David Calhoun

     Just a quick note to say I received my order of 4 shelves and installed them over the weekend.  What an EXCELLENT product!  They were
perfectly made, nicely wrapped, and installed like a dream.  I am looking forward to ordering more shelves from you in the future.  Please let the folks who made those shelves know they did a great job.  Joe Holtslag

The kitchen shelves were installed last week.  The measurements were perfect!  I am so  pleased that I had to write.  My son took just a day-and- a-half to do both cupboards while home on vacation.  I like the quality of the workmanship and am enjoying the ease in reaching for everything.  Thank you for your patience and guidance into placing my order. 
Helen Taura

Our shelves have been installed now for about 2 months and they are great!  Iíll certainly recommend your company to anyone ~ very good workmanship. 

Hello KitchenShelves,
We reworked an existing closet into a pantry all because we were able to find your website with custom shelves. Our union carpenter friend who did the work was as pleased with the shelves as us when they came. They are now installed and I have attached some photos. We like them very much. You did an excellent job on them.
Joe and Joyce Bihary

I received youíre your shelves. I was impressed with the ease of the installation and the quality, workmanship and durability of your product. It was worth the wait. Just to let you know, I placed an order for three more shelves.  

 Keep up the good workÖ

Pat Garcia

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my drawers on the day they were promised and they were delivered in perfect condition. They are already installed and I just love them. What a pleasure it is doing business with a company that provides such good service!
Thanks again, I will pass your name around to my friends.
Linda Bona, a very satisfied customer.

Hello. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I ordered three custom sized pullout shelves. They arrived last week, and we installed them today. The shelves are very nicely made, and they fit beautifully. Thanks for a good product.   Jill Mar

I love my new shelves. They were worth the wait!


Hi Steve,

We received our order late yesterday and I installed them today. They fit, look and work great.



The shelf's were awesome!!  They fit perfectly in the cabinets. Very very pleased.  I will be ordering more for the other cabinets!!!

Thanks you so very much for the great drawers.  I will never have expired cans in my cupboard again thanks to your drawers. 


Judy Cu  J

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the shelves.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You people did a "Major League" job packing my shelves. The whole experience working with your company was wonderful. Your web site was very easy to understand, the installation directions made it very easy to install. When I called your company to check on my order the man who took my call was informative and friendly, said he would check on the progress of the order and would call back, he did a short time later.

Before I retired I owned a floor covering store and I know the importance of CUSTOMER SERVICE, it is obvious that your company also knows.

Thank you,

Ron S

Hey Steve et al -
Just wanted to let you know that order arrived and all shelves were of very good quality and installed easily. The closet looks absolutely great and I thank you for your product and service. I'm measuring the pantry now and will be ordering 10 more shelves soon.
Rich T

I am in receipt of the shelves and have installed them this weekend.  They fit absolutely perfect and my wife is extremely happy, as I am.

Thank you very much for you timely delivery and excellent product!


hi steve - wanted you to know i received the shelves this past week
the shelves themselves fit together really well with smooth working wheels and glides

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the sliding shelves for my high-end tube mono amplifiers turned out really good. Perfect, basically. Most importantly, I am not in the doghouse with the wife for buying them anymore   :)

Thanks again for this custom job! (You can quote this on your web-site, if you like).

Take a look at the pics.



Hi folks:
  Just a quick note to let you know how please we are with our pull-out shelves.  Your company is wonderful!  The construction of the shelves and the ease of install are quite impressive.  The website was very helpful in our initial research and the product, upon delivery, was packaged exceptionally well.
  Thanks again for such a great experience.  I will definitely recommend your company to my family and friends.
 Karen W

Thank you very much! The drawers fit perfectly, great quality, nice simple online ordering capability, quick delivery.

Jim G

To All at Kitchen Shelves,

 Your shelves have arrived and been installed. Thanks so much every thing was perfect. Youíre the sort of business that I like to do business with. The good word about you will be passed around here in St. Joseph , MO.

Thanks Again,

Ray D

Hello and thank you,

 I wanted to let you know that my shelves came in yesterday afternoon. I was quite impressed by the packaging. No damage and very nicely made. It then occurred to me I now have to install them. I went to your website and read your installation guide and found the information I needed.  

Thank you once again and have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year  

 Doug G

Thank you for such a great product.  They are installed and doing just what I wanted.
Patricia M

Our carpenters finally got the pull out shelves, which we bought a few months ago, installed under the cook top.  I love them!  Thanks.

Cincinnati, OH

Dear Kitchen Shelves.
I received my order yesterday. I just wanted you to know I was impressed with the careful packaging and craftsmanship of your sliding shelves. They worked perfectly and your on-line instructions simplified installation. The shelves made maximum use of the cabinet space available. I expect to be a repeat buyer.
Thank you and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Just a note to thank you for delivering on my order.
Your team exceeded my expectations! 
Your product met your web site material and was crafted exactly to my specs, shipped securely, and delivered quickly for a good price.
I just ordered one shelve which took no more than 15 minutes to install for a non-kitchen application.  I am very pleased and now you have me
thinking about ordering more from your company.  
I will share my experience with others.
Thanks again!! 
Kevin L.

I received all items on my order. Everything was in top condition.  I want to congratulate you on your excellent packaging.
Everything was neatly packaged and wrapped in lot's of bubble wrap. Although some of the shipping cartons were slightly damaged, the
hardware was not damaged.  Well done! The installation instructions are very good, too.


Robert H

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my drawers on the day they were promised and they were delivered in perfect condition. They are already installed and I just love them. What a pleasure it is doing business with a company that provides such good service!
Thanks again, I will pass your name around to my friends.
Linda B, a very satisfied customer.

Hello. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I ordered three custom sized pullout shelves. They arrived last week, and we installed them today. The shelves are very nicely made, and they fit beautifully. Thanks for a good product.   Jill M

Hello, Steve!
I just wanted to thank you for your highly-crafted pull out shelves.  I love them!!!!  They have simplified by life and added value to my home.  As a middle-age woman, I even installed them by myself!!  Thank You again.    Oh!  Now my cousins and friends our asking for your website, so please stay in business and I wish you all success and prosperity!!

  Just wanted to let you know that we just placed a third order for another set of pullout shelves today.  We just love your product.   We are impressed with the quality of the shelves, the quality of the packaging and shipping of products and the ease of installation. 
All 5 of our previous shelves we have ordered have fit perfectly and we have just love them.   We have also appreciate no more back pain from bending over to find something in the back of the cabinet anymore.
We will most definitely spread the word of your quality product.
Thank you,

We recently ordered some full extension roll out shelves, and are writing to say THANKS!

The shelves arrived in good time, all the parts were there and looked good, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. We got them installed
yesterday and are very pleased!!! We just wish we had room in our kitchen for more of them.


Tim and Becca

You guys were really helpful with answering my questions about this project and your product. I wanted to thank you for the help, and tell you that everything worked out really well. Installation was easy because I planned exactly how I was going to do it from the beginning.

The attached photos show how I transformed a nearly useless pantry with shallow fixed shelves into one with deep and wide sliding shelves.  I scored major points with my wife on this one!!

Cust_pic1.JPG (83181 bytes)     Cust_pic2.JPG (101088 bytes)

We  received our order yesterday and have already installed them.  I was particularly impressed with the degree of care given to packing the shelves.  It actually took me longer yesterday to unpack them than it did to install them this afternoon.  They were in great shape.
The installation was easy and done in about 30 minutes for both shelves and they glide like on clouds.  They are a great product.  My wife absolutely loves the shelves and will have then in full service by tomorrow.
If I need any more shelves, etc., I'll certainly be back to place another order.  Thank you for your care and quality product. 

Just want to let you know I received the shelves last week. The shelves
arrived exceptionally well packaged and they fit into my cabinet perfectly.
Thanks for a great job!


The pullout shelving arrived yesterday (10/28) and were installed.  They are great!   I plan to let other offices on campus know about your great product and tell them how more convenient it has made out supply cabinet!

Thank you,


Thank you to for the referals

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